The Case For and Against Each Heisman Finalist

Stanford running back Bryce Love, Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield and Louisville quarterback Lamar Jacksonthe reigning Heisman Trophy winnerwill be dressed to the nines Saturday night in New York City in anxious anticipation of the unveiling of the 2017 Heisman recipient.

Mayfield has been the runaway favorite for the past month or so, but there’s a case to be made both for and against each of these three finalists.

Love was the best big-chunk runner in recent history, but he didn’t even lead the nation in rushing yards.

Jackson’s numbers were even better than they were in his trophy-winning 2016 season, but Louisville lost four games and was never as nationally relevant as it was last year.

And Mayfield had the most efficient year by a quarterback in college football history, but was he really any better than when he failed to win the Heisman in each of the past two seasons?

By the time you finish reading this, you may well be convinced all three stars are equally deserving and undeserving of the sport’s highest honor.

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Source: Bleacher Report-CFB News

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