LOOK: Gus Malzahn welcomes ‘good friend’ Chad Morris to the SEC West

Gus Malzahn didn’t waste any time making a comment on the new coaching hire at Arkansas — a position he was long rumored to take as recent as a few days ago.

With Morris’ pending hire at Arkansas, the two coaches have similar careers as former successful high school coaches who landed offensive coordinator jobs at Power 5 schools, and now are together in the SEC West.

Before Morris was hired at Clemson, Malzahn reportedly recommended Morris to Dabo Swinney, according to AL.com.

“He’s a great person. He’s a wonderful coach. He’s an old high school football coach like me, and he’s worked hard and he’s been successful everywhere he’s been,” Malzahn told Swinney.

Until a day after Auburn’s loss to Georgia in the SEC Championship Game, Malzahn was rumored to return to his native Arkansas and coach the Razorbacks. But then Malzahn signed a contract extension at Auburn after reports surfaced that he wanted $50 million contract over seven years at Arkansas, figures that Auburn appeared to deliver on, at least to Malzahn’s satisfaction.



Source: Saturday Down South

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