High school where Jeremy Pruitt coached has seen him come a long way

Apparently Tennessee’s new head coach, Jeremy Pruitt, used to love the weight room so much that he just slept there.

Pruitt first became well-known after his successful, nationally-televised stint as the defensive coordinator at Hoover High School (Hoover, Ala.) in 2005 and 2006.

That’s where he used to sleep in the weight room, according to a post from the Bucs Football Twitter account on Thursday.

Since that time, Pruitt has become one of the top defensive coordinators in college football, and has now landed his first head coaching job at an SEC powerhouse.

It’s safe to say Pruitt probably still loves the game just as much as he did a decade ago, but will he be staying overnight in Tennessee’s weight room?

He just might.

The @BucsFootball account tweeted out congratulations for Pruitt:


Source: Saturday Down South

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