Why Vols might not have to pay every penny of Butch Jones’ buyout

The Tennessee Volunteers decided they could no longer delay the inevitable on Sunday and fired embattled coach Butch Jones.

Following a 50-17 loss at Mizzou, many Vol fans felt it was far too late for the move to have been made, but it finally was and now the Vols will search for a new head coach.

However, as the school looks for its next coach, it will also be rooting for Jones to find gainful employment in the near future, as it stands to benefit the Vols if he does.

As you can see in the letter below, Jones’s contract included an $8.2 million buyout, so the Vols are on the hook for a lot of money if Jones doesn’t find a new job:


However, as the letter goes on to state, Jones is expected to give his best efforts to land a new job. Then, his new salary would be taken out of the buyout, saving Tennessee some money.

So, while it is highly unlikely that Jones lands a job that pays him as much as Tennessee did, the Vols will be rooting for him to land a new gig soon so they don’t have to give him his full buyout.

Source: Saturday Down South

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