WATCH: Jalen Hurts channels inner Bo Scarbrough on this strong run vs. Mississippi State

Alabama QB Jalen Hurts is known for his ability to run the ball, but he’s often seen as more of a finesse runner, using his speed to elude defenders.

However, Mississippi State S Mark McLaurin found out on Saturday night that Hurts can also deliver some big hits when needed.

As you can see in the video below (shared by @RTRnews on Twitter), Hurts lowers his shoulder and plows over the waiting defender after picking up a first down:

Considering how important Hurts is to the Alabama offense, coach Nick Saban won’t like seeing his quarterback take (or deliver) too many big hits like that. Still, it was an impressive display of power from the strong sophomore.

Hurts will continue running, though, as the Tide need him to succeed in that aspect of his game moving forward. He’ll also need to hit some big passes in the coming weeks, but everything he does is set up by his ability to run the ball.

Source: Saturday Down South

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