Bowl Projections 2017: Updated CFP Predictions for Week 12

Now that the chaos from Week 11 has calmed down, there’s about to be another fracas in college football on Tuesday with the release of the latest College Football Playoff rankings. 

Georgia and Notre Dame are expected to slide out of the Top Four after their respective Week 11 losses to Auburn and Miami (FL), which means the debate about who should be positioned where will rage on for another week. 

Before the committee releases the official rankings, here’s our best guess at what the Top Four will look like at around 9 p.m. ET. 


College Football Playoff Prediction

1. Alabama

2. Miami (FL)

3. Clemson

4. Oklahoma

A glance at the win-loss columns will tell you all you need to know about why Alabama and Miami (FL) should be ranked first and second, respectively. 

Despite their struggles in Starkville, Mississippi, on Saturday night, the Crimson Tide survived without a blemish on their resume. 

Miami experienced the opposite type of victory with its demolition of rival Notre Dame, a result that delivered a massive blow to the Fighting Irish’s playoff case. 

The Week 11 win over one of the Hurricanes’ top rivals extended Mark Richt‘s record to 18-4 with the program. The head coach’s arrival, as well as that of defensive coordinator Manny Diaz, are looked at as two of the most important things to happen to the program in recent memory, as Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald noted: 

But all of the effort put into the undefeated season will be for naught if the Hurricanes don’t win out to finish off the regular season. That’s what it’ll take to secure a spot in the Final Four and to eliminate Clemson from the playoff. 

Speaking of the Tigers, their win over Florida State caught few eyes in Week 11, and it’s probably a good thing for Clemson that it was overshadowed by upsets across the nation since the Seminoles stuck with them for three quarters. 

However, a win is a win no matter which way you earn it, and with plenty of movement expected on Tuesday night, the Tigers should slide into the No. 3 position to set up a de-facto quarterfinal in the ACC Championship as long as they and the Hurricanes win in the next two weeks. 

Oklahoma is a curious case when it comes down to the evaluation of its resume. The Sooners have impressive wins scattered throughout their schedule, but the one black mark is the loss at home to Iowa State, which has lost two games in a row and fallen out of Big 12 Championship contention. 

You could argue Oklahoma’s defeat to Iowa State is better than Clemson’s at Syracuse, but the backers of the Tigers will issue a rebuttal that the Sooners should’ve won at home instead of slipping up against the upstart Cyclones. 

Regardless of where you have Clemson and Oklahoma in your personal rankings, most can agree both programs will reside in the Top Four on Tuesday night. The only team that could disrupt that is undefeated Wisconsin, but the committee might wait another week to consider the Badgers since they have to put another victory against a ranked foe on their resume. 

Outside of the Top Four, there will be plenty of intrigue to see where Georgia and Notre Dame land as well as the two-loss teams led by Auburn and Ohio State who were victorious in Week 11. 


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