WATCH: Texas A&M player flips off home fans heading into locker room of ULL game

This week, Kevin Sumlin argued that the psyche of his A&M team was in a really good place following the tough start to the season.

While most people likely weren’t buying that after a narrow win over Nicholls last weekend at home, this weekend has proven that isn’t the case on many levels.

Texas A&M went into the locker room for the halftime break down 21-14 to ULL. Making matters even worse, check out #40 (who appears to be freshman receiver Will Gunnell) down below in this video. He flips double birds to the home fans as he runs into the locker room.

So much for keeping composure during a tough time.


Not a good sign for the Aggies, who head into conference play next weekend against Arkansas in Arlington, Texas.

Source: Saturday Down South

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