How Alabama OC Brian Daboll is using Patriots’ game tape to help Crimson Tide offense

The New England Patriots have won five Super Bowls since 2000, so it makes sense that teams at all different levels of football across the country would try to emulate what coach Bill Belichick and QB Tom Brady have built.

Fortunately for coach Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide, they have a new offensive coordinator in Brian Daboll who has more knowledge than most about what goes on in Foxboro.

Indeed, Daboll, a longtime New England assistant, has brought some of his NFL strategies and game film to Tuscaloosa.

According to, Daboll uses Patriots’ film to show Alabama players what he wants to happen on certain plays that he’s adding to the Crimson Tide playbook:

“Coach Daboll likes to show a lot of clips from back when he was with the Patriots to show us a lot of things that they did, show us exactly what he envisions us to do,” said running back Damien Harris.

Daboll said there are a lot of plays he’s trying to implement this summer, so showing the Alabama players what he expects on film makes it easier:

“We have a ton of different plays that we can run offensively…We’re implementing new plays every day,” he said. “Throwing a lot at these guys. You try to be aggressive as an offensive guy. You try to take away the strengths of the defense.”

Daboll will have a lot of talent to work with this fall, as Alabama returns several important pieces to its dominant offense.

If the first-year Crimson Tide coordinator can get the most out of his unit, he could end this season much like he did last season — hoisting a championship trophy.

Source: Saturday Down South

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