Report: Julio Jones a main subject in lawsuit between two well known agents

Well, this sounds messy.

According to documents obtained by, sports agent — and son of former Auburn coach Pat Dye — Pat Dye, Jr. is suing fellow well known agent Jimmy Sexton.

The two were partners in SportsTrust Advisors for Creative Artists Agency after they merged their two agencies together. Sexton left the company in 2011, and Dye’s lawsuit accuses Sexton of stealing away one of the biggest clients, Julio Jones. Jones hasn’t been accused of any wrongdoing.

The accusations from Dye on Sexton are lengthy, but they include breach of contract and violation of trade secrets, among other allegations. With respect to Jones, Dye alleges that because Sexton stole Jones, he also landed former Alabama players Mark Barron and Trent Richardson. The suit accuses Sexton of building a relationship with Jones behind Dye’s back.

The case is still in appeals, and it’s unclear which court will hear the case, despite the case being filed in January of 2016. It could still be resolved before actually going to trial.

Dye still represents several NFL players, while Sexton is more known for his representation of head coaches such as Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher.

Source: Saturday Down South

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