Video: Tim Tebow surprises young fan on The Tonight Show after missing her prom invitation

No surprise here, with the spotlight on him during his guest appearance on NBC’s The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Tim Tebow shifted the focus to someone else. This time, the former Florida quarterback gave the spotlight to one of his fans, a young girl named Judy.

During his appearance on the show, Tebow was promoting his “Night to Shine” foundation. If you are unfamiliar with the foundation, it holds a worldwide prom for those with special needs. The event is held annually the Friday before Valentines Day. The foundation helped run over 375 proms this year in every state and 11 different countries.

Saturday Down South’s Jon Cooper volunteered at one of this year’s events and wrote about his experience which can be read here.

According to Tebow, Judy asked him to join her to prom this year. Unfortunately, due to his busy schedule, he was unable to join her for prom. Tebow found a great way to make it up to her, though, as he surprised her with a slow dance live on the show.

Source: Saturday Down South

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