SEC dominates Power 5 in 2016 revenues

When it comes to bringing in the big bucks, the SEC is on top.

Bryan Fischer of College Football Talk and Athlon Sports recently looked at the Power 5 conferences’ total revenues for the 2016 fiscal year. He found the SEC is on top by a wide margin.


The folks at Reddit’s /r/CFB broke it down on a per team revenue basis, in which case the SEC again comes out on top.


Revenue, of course, does not equal payouts and distribution after expenses, the subject of multiple tweets in reply to Fischer. This point came up in his explaining why the Pac-12 brings in more revenue, but the Big Ten is more profitable.



The SEC’s partnership with ESPN for the SEC Network has proven to be a highly successful venture for both parties. The SEC Network brings in a substantial subscriber fee of $0.74, but the trend toward cord cutting has some wondering if the network can continue its success.

Adam Gajo, a sports business analyst for SNL Kagan, thinks the Charlotte-based network will be able to withstand that trend.

“We still feel that as part of the Disney family of networks, the SEC Network will be less vulnerable to cord cutters due to the company’s name brand and the strength of its portfolio,” sports business analyst Adam Gajo recently told

Source: Saturday Down South

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