Nick Saban shares his thoughts on loss to Clemson, adjustments to Alabama’s offense

These days, it’s not often Alabama finds itself on the losing end of a college football game. Despite that fact, the Crimson Tide have had to deal with that sobering reality all offseason after narrowly losing to Clemson in the closing seconds of the National Championship Game.

When asked about the 35-31 loss to the ACC Champion Tigers, by the SEC Network’s Paul Finebaum during the recent Regions Tradition Pro-Am in Birmingham, Saban revealed his thoughts resided with the team’s players and coaches more than anything else. Video of the interview can be found on the SEC Network’s site.

“I felt bad for the players,” Saban said. “The players worked hard all year, that was their goal. Not to be able to do something as the coach, to impact them to be able to finish the way they needed to to have success and accomplish the goals that they had, it makes you feel really bad for the players and the coaches and everybody that worked so hard to contribute. It was tough on me as well, but as a leader of the organization, you have to look at it from everyone else’s perspective.”

Finebaum went on to ask Saban about the million dollar question in Tuscaloosa, how has the offense progressed following the conclusion of spring practice.

“One of the things that we evaluated is we haven’t been able to win big games when we can’t pass the ball effectively. We weren’t able to pass the ball effectively in the Clemson game, and I think ultimately that was one of the reasons that we had trouble keeping the ball,” Saban continued. “Couldn’t convert on third down, didn’t make a lot of explosive plays throwing the ball and there were some plays that we could’ve made in the game that we didn’t make.

“So, we wanted to go back and sort of get back to where we could throw the ball more effectively; have a more effective system throwing the ball and keep some of the elements of the spread and the RPOs that have been effective for the quarterback that we have. And I think Jalen made good progress in the spring, and I was happy with the way the offense performed in the spring.”


Source: Saturday Down South

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