Tennessee running back starts showboating, fumbles, costs team easy touchdown

Remember that scene in “Forrest Gump”? The one where Bear Bryant watches Forrest to run down the entire field, through the end zone, over the band, down the tunnel and out of the stadium?

It’s a great scene. Great because it’s true. Never stop running until you’re absolutely sure you’ve scored. But alas, Jalen Hurd did not heed that lesson. Tennessee’s 78 yard drive to the end zone while trailing 10-0 on Saturday did NOT end in a touchdown because rather than barreling through the end zone, like Forrest, he started showboating and ultimately fumbled the football.

Thankfully for Tennessee fans, the team went on to win anyway thanks to a last-second hail mary pass. USA Today has the story, so be sure check it out.

Source: USA Today Fan Sports Poll

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