LSU vs. Florida Game Postponed Due To Hurricane Matthew: When Should They Play?

The LSU vs. Florida game was postponed due to Hurricane Matthew. When should the two play?

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LSU vs. Florida game postponed due to Hurricane Matthew

The Tulane-UCF game was postponed days ago due to the concerns over Hurricane Matthew, and now LSU vs. Florida has been postponed, announced by the SEC.

Logistically, now, it’s going to be tough to reschedule, but if everyone works together, this can be done.

It’s the SEC. Good luck with that.

The ideal solution would be to move the game to Baton Rouge for this Saturday, and then move the 2017 matchup between the two from LSU to Gainesville.

But Florida, apparently, doesn’t want to do that.

LSU has a run of four straight games in the middle of the 2017 season, and this would be the third game in the mix – it’s not like it would be too taking for the road slate.

This year, Florida has an open date on October 22nd, but LSU is schedule to face Southern Miss. LSU has an open date on October 29th, but Florida has a little party with Georgia in Jacksonville.

The one option could be on November 19th. Florida plays Presbyterian, while LSU plays South Alabama – the two big schools could pay off the smaller ones and play then.

So here’s the solution.

Florida and Georgia each have a bye on October 22nd. Play the Cocktail Party then, and then move Florida to LSU’s open week on October 29th.

Problem solved, but of course that’s not going to happen because Florida won’t want that.

Now all eyes go to the Florida State vs. Miami game, but the weather is supposed to be fine by Saturday night. However, what kind of shape will the region be in? Will the available resources be needed for more important things?

Also on the radar – literally – is the Georgia vs. South Carolina game on Saturday night. The idea of playing it in the Georgia Dome has been dismissed, but with the University of South Carolina powers-that-be taking precautions, this might be next.

Source: College Football News

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