Joey Julius Discusses Receiving Treatment for Binge-Eating Disorder

On Friday, Penn State Nittany Lions sophomore kicker Joey Julius opened up about his struggles with a decadelong binge-eating disorder.

Julius has been making a name for himself thanks to his tackling ability on kickoffs, but in early October he revealed on a public Facebook post that he’s been fighting a more daunting battle:

Speaking with Good Morning America, via Katie Kindelan of Yahoo, Julius gave his fans and peers just an idea of what he went through each day.

After eating salads in front of his teammates and coaches, Julius would smuggle food back to his dorm room and would “order cheesesteak, French fries and Chinese food and binge eat until he was sick.”

It was taking a toll on his mental health: “I would have to lay down to the point where I was so sick I couldn’t move and [I would] just, you know, lay there. There were sometimes I would cry.”

Listed by at 5’10” and 271 pounds, Julius sought help and went through treatment that held him out of spring football and summer preparations for the 2016 season.

It was only after that treatment that he realized just how destructive his disorder was. “After, I think, I got the treatment, that’s when I was like, You know what? If I would have continued down this path, you know, I might not be here right now,” he said. “And that’s why I’m just blessed.”

Good Morning America showed Julius’ full interview with Paula Faris:

According to’s Josh Moyer, Julius is now at 258 pounds and has become a fan favorite thanks to his ability to deliver big hits on kick returners:

Thanks to that treatment and support from the Penn State community, Julius can continue fighting this disorder while helping the Nittany Lions on the field.

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Source: Bleacher Report-CFB News

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