College Football Playoff Rankings: What Would They Be After Week 5?

If the season ended right now, after Week 5, what would the College Football Playoff rankings be?

A month away from when the real College Football Playoff rankings come out, at least the first version, what would they be if they came out after Week 5? What would the playoff look like?

We know how the playoff committee works. Strength of schedule and big, impressive wins are a big deal, and getting them on the road would be even better. So with all that in mind, the College Football Playoff rankings as if right now would be …

2016 College Football Playoff After Week 5 Would Be …

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl

1. Alabama vs. 4. Michigan

Fiesta Bowl

2. Clemson vs. 3. Ohio State

2016 College Football Playoff Rankings After Week 5 Would Be …

1. Alabama

The eye test would matter, but also the wins over USC and Ole Miss – especially with both of them away from Tuscaloosa – would be a big deal. There would be a major argument, but at the end of the day, the Crimson Tide would just barely win out for that top spot.

2. Clemson

The committee would love the win over Louisville – obviously – while the statistics would go gaga over the wins over Auburn and Troy. Don’t laugh, the Trojans have been great. The CFP loved the Tigers last year and might slip them into the top spot.

3. Ohio State

No one’s been better. The Oklahoma win on the road might be just enough to carry the Buckeyes up to No. 2, but not quite yet. If they rock Wisconsin in Madison, they’ll be No. 1 in the faux CFP rankings considering everything is working perfectly so far.

4. Michigan

Beating Wisconsin would matter – and might be enough to earn the Wolverine a spot higher than this – and the Colorado and UCF wins are starting to look a whole lot stronger. The stat system would push Michigan near the top, but just being in the top four would work just fine for now.

5. Houston

6. Washington

7. Texas A&M

8. Louisville

9. Tennessee

10. Nebraska

11. Baylor

12. Stanford

13. Wisconsin

14. Ole Miss

15. Miami

16. Arkansas

17. Florida

18. North Carolina

19. Boise State

20. Oklahoma

21. Colorado

22. West Virginia

23. Virginia Tech

24. Florida State

25. UCLA

Source: College Football News

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