Video: Jimbo Fisher shares his thoughts on why no coach can match Saban

A recent guest on “The Seth Davis Show,” Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher touched upon a number of topics in an in-depth interview.

Fisher had been an assistant coach under current Alabama head man Nick Saban during their time at LSU. He spoke at length about Saban — and what makes him such an outstanding coach:

“He’s a driven guy. Nick is a guy who does a lot of things other people aren’t willing to do, and the everyday grind of things. I don’t think there’s a secret to what he does. He has a plan. He has a vision. He’s been at two places that allow him, administratively, to provide the things necessary.

When you provide him the tools and the necessary things, he is  a great mind for developing people in a program and creating a culture there. And he’s willing to grind. Nick is a worker. If you don’t like working, don’t work for him. Let me tell you. He’s a smart guy. Here’s the thing: He demands from himself as much or more than he demands from people who work for him. He’s a great guy. I enjoyed working for him. We had a great time.”

That’s one of the keys to Nick’s success. He is enjoying, but he’s able to not rely — I call it the relief syndrome of human nature. ‘I’ve done it, so I’ll relax and it’s okay.’ He doesn’t have that. And he’s able to compartmentalize relief with coming back and it’s time to go to work.”


Source: Saturday Down South

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