USC coach Clay Helton talks facing former boss Lane Kiffin

The Alabama offensive coordinator did his best to downplay the situation at his preseason media day session, but it’s the storyline that cannot be ignored: Lane Kiffin has the opportunity to get revenge on the school that embarrassed him with one of the most talked about splits in the sport’s history.

USC’s current coach, Clay Helton, was hired by Kiffin in 2010. Helton told ESPN’s Ted Miller that it was a valuable experience.

“He taught me a lot about football in the years I was with him,” Helton said.

The Trojans coach’s familiarity with Kiffin also means he’ll be looking out for one certain noise.

“If you ever hear him whistle, he’s getting ready to change the play,” Helton said. He described to Miller how it caught his attention when he watched the SEC Championship Game:

The whistle made Clay Helton look closer at the TV. He knew Lane Kiffin was up to something on the first play of his first SEC game as Alabama’s offensive coordinator.

Alabama running back Kenyan Drake went in motion and was followed by a Florida linebacker. This was a mismatch Kiffin wanted.

If Kiffin gets a mismatch he’s looking for, Helton knows it means a big play is likely on the way.

“He’s one of more brilliant offensive minds in the country,” Helton said.

Source: Saturday Down South

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