Jim Harbaugh's kids train for trick-or-treating: 'If you can sprint, then you'll get the most candy'

When it comes to Halloween, Jim Harbaugh isn’t just coaching his Michigan Wolverines heading into the game.

He’s coach his kids on how to best train for the holiday.

Harbaugh called into The Dan Le Batard show this week and reminded us all of just how competitive he is when it comes to, well, everything.

“You can get a lot of candy going out there and walking from house to house. But you get a lot more by jogging from house to house. If you can sprint, then you’ll get the most candy.”

So do his kids train for Halloween?

“Yeah,” Harbaugh said. “We get prepared and that’s the strategy is to run, go as long as we can, as fast as we can and don’t worry.”

And one more important thing? The strategy of having a second costume ready so that once his kids hit all of the houses they can turn around and go back for seconds.

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