Hogs for Breakfast: Not even football players are immune from campus parking militants

Arkansas fighting pigs generic by Jason Kersey

In full disclosure: Nate Allen has been covering the Razorbacks since the 1970s. I consider him a friend. He is a genuinely great guy and an excellent writer.

His column Wednesday for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette was pure *insert fire emoji here*. Allen called Arkansas the “University of Arrogance.”

Allen was noting the differences in economic class across the state and how the university treats those differences. Among other things.

And while it is unclear whether athletic director Jeff Long’s tweet below was directed toward Allen or the article, the reigning consensus in media circles here was the tweet was in ire of the piece.

To be continued.

See, he’s just like us, guys

Bret Bielema could spit game back when he was single. His wife, Jen, is in her early 30s. He’s in his mid 40s. But Bielema didn’t use the “I’m a football coach” line when the two met. Nope. He went the intellect route. Sort how some of us did the ol’ “I’m pre-med” or the like in college.

Bielema told Jen, when they met at a Las Vegas casino while he was coaching Wisconsin, he was — get this — a European religion history professor.


Jen vaguely remembered it. She responded on Twitter.

Welcome to the You of A.

Campus cops and/or parking departments are notorious for being hardcore when it comes to dishing out parking violations.

Arkansas offensive lineman Paul Ramirez found out the hard way the University of Arkansas was no different. Maybe worse. He apparently was ticketed Wednesday morning while standing right next to his vehicle.

Bad start to a Wednesday for SoCal native. And then the parking wasn’t his only issue.

Sympathies go out to him from those of us who dealt with anal-retentive campus officials in such capacities. It’s funny, but it’s not. At least chances are high you’ll get into your first game as a Razorbacks player this weekend (Ramirez is a reserve offensive lineman). Sorry, Paul.

Large and in charge

Arkansas is currently a 31-point favorite over Texas State this weekend. The Bobcats were the last-place finishers in the Sun Belt Conference last year.

The point spread is not, however, the biggest in the land this weekend. Among games currently on the board at VegasInsider.com, the Razorbacks are the third-largest favorite. The two teams above have Arkansas and/or Bret Bielema connections.

1. Florida over North Texas by 36 1/2
2. Wisconsin over Georgia State by 34 1/2
3. Arkansas over Texas State by 31
4. Baylor over Rice by 30
5. Tennessee over Ohio by 27 1/2

Don’t touch the hair, man!

Wide receiver Keon Hatcher entered Wednesday’s media availability with his dreadlocks tied up just in case anyone (I’m looking at you, Bob Holt) decided to yank on it.

It wouldn’t be that #uncommon. Two straight years now the senior has been yanked down by his flowing locks. First, it happened against Texas-El Paso in the second game last year (a game in which he was later injured and lost for the year). Then there was this obvious one in Week 1 against Louisiana Tech.

Hatcher decided to put his hair up inside his helmet against TCU and probably will be doing the same every game from here on out.

Whatchu got, rook?

Given Arkansas’ expected easy handling of Texas State this Saturday, the game should provide an opportunity to see more young players get some reps.

Freshman running back Devwah Whaley will be worked into the game plan. So will freshmen defensive linemen McTelvin Agim and Austin Capps. Both have seen several snaps already, but one figures more will come against Texas State.

A source says freshman running back TJ Hammonds will be in the mix, too, if things go the way Arkansas folk hope. According to a source, Hammonds, a 5-foot-10, 197-pound fast-back, had been considered for a redshirt. But those plans are tabled for now. Plan on seeing Hammonds for a series or two if Arkansas does what is expected against the Bobcats.

On Campus

  • Arkansas’ women’s tennis team had two players nationally ranked Wednesday. Sophomore Ana Operenovic checked in as the 60th-ranked singles player in the country, according to the 2016 Oracle/ITA Division I rankings. She and doubles partner Shannon Hudson are the No. 49 doubles team in the country.
  • The Texas State game will be Arkansas’ Military Appreciation Day.


Yee-Haw! Today in Arkansas

This guy in North Little Rock altered an honorary Heisman Trophy and pawned it off as the one given to former Oklahoma running back Billy Sims.

Federal prosecutor[s] say Rogers in November 2009 bought a Heisman Trophy that had been given in 1960 to the master of ceremonies at the award banquet.

He then created a fake letter of authenticity, making it look like it has been signed by Sims, and had a phony nameplate put on the honorary trophy, prosecutors allege. He also sent an email to the investor on Jan. 31, 2011, stating that the “Billy Sims” Heisman Trophy had been valued at between $175,000 and $225,000.

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