WATCH: Washington Huskies receive embarrassing punishment for fighting

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We interrupt your regular SEC football camp coverage to bring you this revolutionary punishment from the Pac-12.

OK, maybe not so revolutionary, but it is pretty humorous.

Adam Jude, who covers the Washington Huskies for the Seattle Times, chronicled the following events at Huskies practice on Friday.

Washington defensive back Jordan Miller and wide receiver Quinten Pounds got into what he termed as “a little scuffle” during practice. That’s nothing unusual, especially considering the positions involved and the fact that we’re right in the middle of two-a-days season. Tempers can flare.

But what happened next is where it gets humorous.

Washington coach Chris Petersen, or perhaps someone on his staff, ordered the following punishment for their fight:

In a scene that looks like it came straight out of a preschool classroom, Miller and Pounds were told to hold hands and make up as they took a lap around the field.

After practice, Huskies defensive tackle Elijah Qualls told Jude that this was not a new tactic for the Huskies. It’s called “Lovers’ Lane,” and admitted he too has had to take that walk of shame at one point.


Does this happen in the SEC? In the era of cell phone cameras in the hands of beat reporters, who knows what type of football punishment could be unveiled next.

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