Ohio State wide receivers coach admirably tries to recruit Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is the fastest man on the planet. Football is a game in which speed is important.

Ohio State wide receivers coach Zach Smith recognized that Bolt is both fast and technically eligible to play college football. Bolt, who turns 30 on Aug. 21, attended William Knibb Memorial High School in Jamaica. He never went to college and is a professional in a sport other than football. That could make him eligible for college football if he were to get tired of being among the world’s preeminent sports superstars.

Hey, it’s worth a try. Smith tweeted this on Sunday:

This wouldn’t be the first time that people speculated about how Bolt’s unique physical talents would translate to football. He’s a phenomenal athlete, but he doesn’t run in pads, have to learn routes or take hits from a defender.

In 2012, Bolt’s football game had quite a ways to go.

But you can’t teach speed, and Bolt has plenty of that. I applaud the effort from Ohio State.

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