Leading cops on ATV chase is latest of bizarre string of events for Tre Mason

Just when you thought Tre Mason’s story could not get more bizarre, another recent story of the Rams running back’s odd behavior has come to light.

According to TMZ Sports, the former Auburn player led Palm Beach, Fla., police on a chase on July 27. Mason’s choice of getaway vehicle? An ATV. While driving the four wheeler, Mason was able to elude police before returning home and locking himself inside. After some negotiations, Mason eventually came back outside and was cited for operating an ATV on public roads and evading police.

Police involved in the incident claim Mason was doing wheelies and “spinning the tires so the dirt and grass would shoot out on to [the nearby road].” Police towed his ATV when they discovered it was an unregistered vehicle.

This news is just the latest in a bad offseason for Mason following his March arrest and reports of the police being called to his house several times in recent months.

Source: Saturday Down South

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