South Carolina DC lays out Gamecocks’ recruiting pitch

Starting a new era comes with a special set of challenges. Coaches must establish their expectations. They must earn the respect of players and fans. They must show that they can build momentum in short order.

Selling a vision on the recruiting trail is important, too.

As reported by The State, South Carolina defensive coordinator Travaris Robinson has a simple message for prospects when he approaches them about being a part of the Gamecocks’ new chapter under coach Will Muschamp: Help us bring victories to Columbia.

“Come help us win,” Robinson told The State. “That’s the message.”

Robinson, a former player and assistant at Auburn, goes on to mention how he see parallels between South Carolina’s situation and where Auburn found itself when he played on the Plains from 1999 to 2002. In 1998, the Tigers were 3-8 under Terry Bowden and Bill Oliver before jumping to five victories under Tommy Tuberville in 1999 and nine in 2000.

“The kids today are different,” Robinson told the newspaper. “It’s not like when we were growing up and they wanted to build their own deal. That’s not how it is. They want to be part of something that’s already on the gravy train. Just trying to get our kids to understand that it’s going to get on the gravy train at some point, but what’s wrong with being the first guy to get on it? That’s got to be the message to our kids that we’re recruiting, and I’m excited about that.”

There’s something to be said for joining on the ground level of a vision. There’s risk involved, of course. But if the trust pays off with success a few years later, the gamble was worth it.

It will be revealing to see how many players buy into South Carolina’s plan for the future as Muschamp tries to mold the program in his image.

Source: Saturday Down South

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