Report: Police have visited Tre Mason’s house 5 times in the last 4 months

Tre Mason by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

It has been an off-season of concern for friends and family of former Auburn running back Tre Mason.

According to a report from TMZ Sports, police have been called to Mason’s home five times in the last four months following a March arrest.

The latest visit from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department (Fla.) was on Saturday afternoon, according to TMZ Sports. It did not lead to an arrest, but it did continue a string of concerning visits.

According to TMZ Sports:

Mason’s family is concerned about his mental health — citing a string of bizarre behavior and angry outbursts … and they’re worried for his personal safety.

Mason, who was a third-round draft pick in 2014 for the Los Angeles Rams, reportedly agreed to check into a facility following one of those visits but has yet to do so.

It appears as though the police visits are less about potential domestic disputes and more about personal mental health, according to the report.

Mason has NEVER been accused of hurting anyone. However, on one occasion, a family member told cops she didn’t want Tre to leave the house because he hadn’t slept in days and she was worried “he will get hurt.”

Mason was the 2013 SEC offensive player of the year after rushing for 1,816 yards and 23 touchdowns for an Auburn team that won the SEC championship and played for the national championship.

Mason, still just 22 years old, has 972 yards on 254 carries through two NFL seasons with the Rams.

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