LSU Football Schedule 2016: Ranking Toughest Opponents

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What are the toughest games on the LSU schedule? Ranked from easiest to hardest, here are how important each of the Tiger’s games are.

2016 LSU Preview

What’s LSU going to do this season? After a near-meltdown and regime change last year, the Tigers come into the season loaded with one of the best teams in the country. Will scheduling help the cause and work out like Les Miles and the LSU Nation need? Here’s the 2016 LSU football schedule with the games ranked from easiest to hardest.

12. Sept. 10 Jacksonville State

Ha ha, it’s a paycheck game coming off the Wisconsin showdown. Remember, Jacksonville State came this close to shocking Auburn last year and pulled off a stunner in the 2010 opener against Ole Miss.

11. Nov. 19 South Alabama

There can’t be any hiccup here. LSU must get its stars as much rest as possible after a road date at Arkansas and the regular-season finale at Texas A&M to follow.

10. Oct. 15 Southern Miss

This could be quirky-tough. Southern Miss is one of the favorites to win the Conference USA title, and boasts a dangerous offense that should be able to bomb away. This could be a letdown moment for LSU between a road game at Florida and a date with Ole Miss.

9. Oct. 1 Missouri

An interesting sandwich game, the West Tigers get a home game against the East Tigers in-between road games against the other West Tigers – Auburn – and Florida. It should be a tough defensive battle.

8. Sept. 17 Mississippi State

The SEC opener is hardly a layup, but it’s coming off the Jacksonville State game and it’s at home. There’s no Dak Prescott around for the Bulldogs to bomb away and shock the world.

7. Sept. 3 vs. Wisconsin (in Green Bay)

Okay, technically this is one of the three toughest games on the LSU schedule, but it’s not as important as the top six games – all of those are in conference play. LSU should be able to power their way past the Badgers, but it’s going to be one of the most unique games of the season in a fish-out-of-water moment for the SEC.

6. Sept. 24 at Auburn

It’s the first SEC road game of the year against an Auburn team loaded with statement moments on the schedule. Auburn needs this to have any hope of getting in the West title chase – LSU has to be ready to handle a jacked up team.

5. Oct. 22 Ole Miss

This one is in Death Valley, but it’s a dangerous game coming after eight straight games to start the season, and just before a bye week. On the plus side, the Rebels are coming off a road date at Arkansas.

4. Oct. 8 at Florida

The Tigers took care of business against the Gators last season. This year, they’ve got to go to Gainesville against a team with a great defense, tough running game, and the right makeup to pull off the upset – Florida will likely be the underdog – at home.

3. Nov. 24 at Texas A&M

Will the Aggies be fully jelled by the end of the season? Will they be desperate? Will this be a defining moment for them, Kevin Sumlin, and the entire program? It’s not just the end of the SEC season, it’s a Thanksgiving game with everyone watching. This also comes at the end of a tough November against …

2. Nov. 12 at Arkansas

It’s the timing of the game as much as it is the opponent. Who wants to deal with Arkansas after a tough, physical game late in the season? The Tigers not only have to face the Fighting Bielemas in mid-November, but they play them coming off the almost-certain emotional battle with …

1. Nov. 5 Alabama

It’s always one of the biggest games of the year no matter what, and this season it might take on a whole other level if everything goes according to plan for the Tigers. With a week off to prepare, if they take care of everything else coming into the showdown, this could be the moment when the SEC championship becomes theirs.

LSU Path To The Playoff

Source: College Football News

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