After watching soccer, Chris Fowler has idea for CFB student sections

In a UEFA Euro quarter-final yesterday, France defeated Iceland, 5-2. Iceland was coming off an incredible upset in the soccer world after defeating England, 2-1, earlier in the week.

Iceland, a country with a population of roughly 330,000 people, had nearly a tenth of its fans travel to see the team play in France, according to With the crazy amount of support, came a cheer that got everyone’s attention on Twitter, including ESPN’s Chris Fowler.

Iceland would go on to lose to France, 5-2. Even after losing, the players and fans did their famous clap.

As Fowler mentioned, if a student section were to do this at a game this season, it would certainly be pretty cool and garner national attention. Home-field advantage would surely be felt, SEC fans.

Could you see a college football student section doing this?

Source: Saturday Down South

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