Oxford Police Twitter strikes again, pokes fun at Sports Illustrated’s Tunsil report

As seen on Wednesday, the Laremy Tunsil saga is back in the news. Tunsil’s stepfather, Lindsey Miller, spent over 100 hours talking with the NCAA about allegations regarding Ole Miss and his son, reigniting talk about what how the NCAA will handle the situation.

About an hour and a half after Sports Illustrated’s Pete Thamel tweeted a link to his new Tunsil story, the Oxford Police Department went to work on Twitter. Meetings between NCAA investigators and Lindsey Tunsil took place at a local McDonald’s.

The tweet wasn’t a complete troll on the situation, as from 2-4 p.m., on July 13, residents can join their local police department at the town’s University Avenue McDonald’s location. It’s doubtful knowing how open they will be talking about Tunsil and the Rebels that day while eating their happy meals, but since the tweet was sent out, mixed emotions came from the lively voices on Twitter.

And in response to some of its comments, the department tied a little football to the matter.

Stay tuned @OxfordPolice when the Auburn Tigers visit Oxford and the Rebels on Oct. 29 this season. This account should provide more than just a few laughs.

Source: Saturday Down South

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