Nick Saban: after the Tuscaloosa Tornado in 2011

img25127794How the devastating Tuscaloosa tornado forever changed Alabama head coach Nick Saban’s life.


We all know the football accomplishments Nick Saban has achieved as a head coach. With his five National Championships (1 LSU, 4 Alabama) he’s only second to Paul “Bear” Bryant with six. This is well known to anyone who follows college football but Nick Saban is just as much a champion behind the scenes. On April 27, 2011 a devastating tornado ripped through the heart of Tuscaloosa killing 50 people and left over 2 billion dollars worth of damage. John Talty of has a great post on how this event changed Nick Saban and how much more he gives when no ones looking. Please click the source link below for his story.

Source: How the April 27 Tuscaloosa tornado changed Nick Saban


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