5 best run-stuffing defenses in the SEC

The formula isn’t perfect, but it’s remained for so long because it has merit: Stop the run first and you’ll have a great chance to compete for an SEC title. Here are the five best run defenses in 2016.


Stopping the run is one of the first things you hear defensive coordinators say when they’re game-planning their opponent. It makes the opposing team’s offense one dimensional which is an advantage for any defense and usually leads to a win. There’s a high concentration of “run stopping” type players in the Southeast. This has helped the SEC teams have an advantage over the rest of the country. Many head coaches say that’s the difference between the SEC and everyone else.

As we look at the upcoming season Christopher Smith from Saturday Down South has an in-depth look at top 5 run stopping defenses in the SEC. Click the source link below for the story.

Source: 5 best run-stuffing defenses in the SEC

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