When will the NCAA allow more technology into the game?

College football is finally catching up with technology, but is the NCAA ready to face the issue of competitive equality?


One thing you see on the sidelines every Sunday in the NFL is technology. Tablets, overhead cameras for photographs, etc. No expense is spared to help coaches game plan and strategize not only before the game but between each play of the game. College Football and NCAA have been slow to adopt any modern technology. A lot has to do with the financial discrepancies between the “haves (Power 5 conferences, who can afford it)” and the “have-nots (everyone else, might be tough to cost justify).” NCAA wants balance and parity. That’s getting harder to do in today’s game. Will College Football soon have tablets roaming the sidelines?

Brandon Marcello from al.com had a great story about this. Click the source link below to read his post.

Source: Questions persist as NCAA weighs allowing in-game technology like NFL


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