Tackling removed from Ivy League practices. Will football evolve to 7 on 7?


According to Ken Belson of The New York Times, we have the first college football conference to remove tackling from all regular season practices….The Ivy League. Sounds strange doesn’t it? To actually not practice one of the most important aspects of the game? Not really…not in today’s concussion awareness culture which is a very real fear for today’s players. They’re bigger, stronger, and faster. The body (especially the head) can’t take the high intensity contact at which the game is played today. I applaud The Ivy League. This isn’t an easy decision but the game is changing to emphasize player safety. DMB Report Senior Writer David Dorsey and myself have privately discussed a future where you have 7 on 7 official college football and possibly NFL teams that take tackling completely out of the game. This would be separate league to what we have today. Maybe this move by The Ivy League is the first step to make this a reality.

Joe Pantorno of the Bleacher Report has a more in depth article about this. Please click the source link below for his story.

Source: Ivy League to Eliminate Tackling from Football Practices


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