The revenue gap is widening between the Big 12 and SEC

imageThere is a major disparity in earnings between SEC and Big 12 teams, so much so that a gap once closed is once again wide open.


The Big 12 released its 2014-15 payout to each of their member institutions which each school receiving 23.3 million dollars. Not bad right? Well, it was nearly 10 million dollars less than what the SEC paid its members and that’s including them having 4 more schools (SEC had 14 members, the Big 12 has 10 members). One of the big reasons is the success of the SEC Network which launched last year. There’s an increasing gap between conferences with and without their own conference television network. The Big 12 has other issues as well including not having a conference title game which could be another source of revenue. If they don’t do something to address this soon, they could be left behind. Jon Solomon with CBS has an excellent article about this. Click the source link below for his story.

Source: Big 12 paid out $9.4 million less to schools than SEC in 2014-15

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