Quick Thoughts: The Calm Before the Storm?

So we’ve survived the conference championship games and can now exhale for a couple of weeks before the bowls begin. Some college coaches have over 3 weeks before they hit the field again. But don’t think this is a time for them to relax as now begins one of the most important time periods in their program’s yearly cycle. Folks, it’s crootin’ season, as we say down south.

Think there’s too much importance placed on how many “stars” a 18-year old kid has? Think this recruiting thing has gotten out of control? Maybe so, but take a look at this link highlighting the recruiting class rankings of the past College Football National Champions. Just about EVERY previous winner of college football’s crown had experienced at least 1 Top 5 recruiting class in the preceding 3-4 years before that championship was earned. The vast majority had TWO in the Top 5 and over half had at least one class that topped the chart. You can’t ignore those stats.

Bottom line: The coaching staff that recruits the best has the best chance to hoist the trophy. You gotta coach ’em up once they arrive on campus, but you simply cannot make steak from dog food.

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