Quick Thoughts: Richt and “The U”

Richt MiamiI gotta say, I did not see this happening. I know Mark Richt played at Miami, but I can’t think of two more polar opposites in culture and style than “The Preacher” and “The U”. I have always had the utmost respect for Richt and will continue to do so, but this feels like mixing oil and water.

I have no doubts Mark Richt can coach this team to heights far greater than the coaches who have preceded him down in Coral Gables. If he can get them to spend some money on facilities and staff (maybe most importantly, a new stadium on campus), then he can compete for ACC titles. But is Coach Richt going to let Luther Campbell and Snoop Dawg hang out on the sidelines during games? Will Richt change out his worship CD’s for 2 Live Crew?

As my colleague Dan Bennett said, “Mama Called.” We all know how strong that call can be. But “Mama’s House” isn’t the same as it was when the boy left home (see picture). Since then, the Hurricanes have become “The U.” They haven’t lived up to that billing the last 10 years or so, but maybe oil and water can mix and Richt can lead them back to a National Championship.

It will be very interesting to watch the games on the field and the games that come along with being the head coach at Miami. It just might work – that is, if opposites do attract.

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