Quick Thoughts: Predictions for Today’s Big Games and the Playoff Final Four

cfb-playoff-logoPlain and simple, here is who I have coming out on top in today’s championship games (at least the one’s that matter) and which teams will make the College Football Playoff.

ACC Championship
This one will be closer than some think, but Clemson will make one more play than the Heels and win with a late FG. Watson vs. Williams will be fun to watch.
Final Score: Clemson 30, UNC 28

Big Ten Championship
This is a battle of two teams that typically don’t beat themselves. But today’s game will actually be decided by the team that blinks and makes a mistake, leading to a late TD for the win. Unfortunately for the Hawkeyes, they make the mistake.
Final Score: MSU 20, Iowa 17

Pac 12 Championship
Maybe it’s because I love the way Stanford plays and I’ve just never liked the Trojans, but I feel like the Cardinal are going to run it down SC’s throat and win by two scores. Smash-mouth football with a touch of spread leads Stanford to the win. Side note: I wouldn’t mind seeing Mike Bloomgren running the offense in Athens!
Final Score: Stanford 27, USC 17

SEC Championship
No way Florida can score more than 13 on the Tide. Henry will run for just enough (right at 100 yards) and Kiffin will pick just the right time for a deep ball to put the game away. Close early, but Bama rolls late to grab another SEC crown.
Final Score: Alabama 23, Florida 10

College Football Playoff Teams
#1: Clemson
#2: Alabama
#3: Michigan State
#4: Oklahoma

No surprises here, but Clemson fans will be unhappy they draw the Sooners. That is an upset waiting to happen. I’d go with the Sooners if that match up happens. The Tide draw Sparty and Henry runs for 150 to survive.
Final Score: Oklahoma 37, Clemson 31
Final Score: Alabama 24, MSU 16

National Championship
Alabama vs. Oklahoma

This would be a great game with a couple of lead changes as Mayfield and Henry both put it in the end zone. In the end, Bama’s D tightens and gets a late pick to seal a close one. Kirby Smart leaves with another ring and Saban considers retiring to play with Spurrier. Then laughs and gets back to work.
Final Score: Alabama 27, Oklahoma 23

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