Quick Thoughts: Looks Like We’re Just “Waiting For the Weekend”


The longer this week goes on without word on a new coach for UGA, the more and more likely we are to be just waiting for Kirby Smart to win the SEC Championship game and accept the job. With the way Saban runs that program, he surely is not allowing Kirby to distract that team until at least after this weekend’s game.

So let’s assume Kirby is the guy. The question now becomes who are his coordinators? As for the DC, rumors are out there that Smart wants to bring Will Muschamp back to Athens or that he would retain Jeremy Pruitt. Both would be great on the recruiting trail and certainly can handle calling the defense. But is that too many “Alpha Dogs” in the same pen? Would Muschamp be able to control his temper and would Pruitt be able to get along with the athletic department staff? Both are big “ifs.”

And what about the offense? Would Kirby run the same offense Saban has been running all these years – Fullbacks and TE’s, lots of between the tackle runs and the play-action pass for an occasional deep ball? Or would he go with a more contemporary, spread offense like Auburn, Oregon, or Texas A&M? My personal sentiment is it is tough to beat Bama at their own game as they do it better than anyone. But would Kirby really want to go with a risky, up-tempo offense that might put his defense in a bad situation a couple of times a game. He doesn’t have to worry about that much now.

Popular opinion says Kirby would do a great job and would bring the “Bama intensity and attention to detail” that UGA has been lacking lately. We’ll see. But at this point, I think it’s a done deal. We’re just waiting for Bama to hoist another Championship trophy before their coaching tree sprouts another branch.

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