ESPN’s College Football Final is still painful to watch


One of my favorite things to do as a College Football Fan is to get up on Sunday morning, have my cup of coffee and watch all of the late night CFB analysis shows that my DVR records. I like listening to the “experts” dissect every win or lose from the top games of the week. The show that I use to look forward to the most was College Football Final on ESPN. I couldn’t wait for the banter between Mark May and Lou Holtz. Holtz would always have a “Notre Dame” spin to almost everything he said while Mark May would try to put him in his place. Rece Davis was the ring leader who kept the show on track and moving forward. It always ended with “The Final Verdict.” A mock court room segment where Mark and Lou played attorneys who pled their case to the judge, Rece Davis, on the hot topic from the weekend games. This was TV gold! The chemistry these three had together from 2005-2014 can’t be duplicated. It didn’t realize this until the start of the 2015 season.

In the summer of 2015 ESPN announced that Rece Davis would be moving to host the popular flagship program College Football GameDay. Lou Holtz also retired. That left Mark May who later got moved to “Who’s In?” the weekly debate program on what teams will be in the CFB Playoffs Committee’s top 4. ESPN brought in Joe Tessitore to be the new host CFB Final. Joe is a great broadcast personality as the current host of SEC Nation on the SEC Network. He also produced the 30 for 30 program Roll Tide, War Eagle. Ohio State alum and retired NFL wide receiver Joey Galloway was added to the show. The new format is more of an informal sit down discussion about the games between Tessitore and Galloway. They continue to give out helmet stickers for great performances just like the old show but frankly it’s boring. The almost comedic timing between Lou Holtz and Mark May are gone. It’s just guys sitting around talking about what happened. Nothing special. The most entertaining part of the new show is when Galloway gives out his playoff top 4. It’s so ridiculous that the entire show should just be that.

I’ve watch CFB Final all season and I’ll probably continue to do so. I’m just that much of a college football fan. I just can’t help remembering how it use to be.

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