Branding still matters with the CFB Playoff Commitee


Jeff Long and the CFB Playoff Committee just released their 5th rankings of the season. As expected there wasn’t any drama for the Top 4 teams as Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma & Iowa all stayed in the same spot from last week. Ohio State did move up to six and is in a prime position to get in if Clemson or Alabama falls this weekend in the their respected conference championships. The most intriguing school that got no love this week was North Carolina at ten. Many “experts” are giving UNC a shot of the upset against Clemson this weekend. I understand the reasoning for their low ranking. They lost to a horrible South Carolina team (3-9) and have played two FCS opponents. Since then, they’ve won 11 games straight. Let’s say Miami (FL) had the same record with the same schedule. Do you think they would be ranked 10th? I doubt it. Your football “Brand” still matters in college football even with the playoff committee.

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