Where Does Richt Go From Here?

Mark Richt2If you paid attention at the press conference, you got a real glimpse at what Mark Richt wants to do next. Mark it down, Richt will be either an OC or a QB coach at a Power 5 Conference next year.

The outgoing coach made several references to how much he missed working with QB’s and calling plays. It felt like he was interviewing for jobs in this morning’s press conference. I think he actually was.

I wish Richt would stay and work with UGA’s Paul Oliver network – heck, anything in the UGA athletic department. I really like the guy. But he isn’t going to stay. He wants to coach again and I don’t think he wants to head coach again. He’s been there and done that and he wants to get back to working more closely with players.

Richt will be calling plays and coaching up QB’s at an ACC or SEC school when next fall rolls around. I just hope we don’t have to play that team.

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