Derrius Guice, softball (and Metallica) fan: RB cheers for LSU through all-night regional

Who says nothing good happens after midnight? LSU running back Derrius Guice worked overtime Sunday to cheer on the Tigers through a late, late softball regional. Guice – Metallica T-shirt and all – was spotted rooting for LSU softball during the Baton Rouge regional against Louisiana-Lafayette, as posted by Jacques Doucet of Baton Rouge CBS […]

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O.J. Howard officially signs with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jameis Winston has to be excited about the weapons the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have added recently.

Already having Mike Evans in the fold, the Bucs signed receiver DeSean Jackson in March to a three-year, $33.5 million free-agent contract. Then, the team went out and drafted another offensive weapon in former Alabama TE O.J. Howard, who should be a big-time weapon, too. So, not many QBs are loving life like Winston.

And on Monday, the Bucs announced they had signed Howard to a four-year contract, standard for rookies, that grants them an option for a fifth season.

Although Howard somewhat disappeared in Alabama’s offense — unless it was against Clemson, don’t expect him to disappear in Tampa’s offense. He finished his Alabama career with 114 receptions for 1,726 yards and seven touchdowns.

At 6-foot-6, 250-plus pounds, Howard should make an immediate splash both in the receiving game and in the blocking game, where he also excels.

Interestingly, Cameron Brate returns to Tampa this year, and he finished tied for the NFL lead among TEs with eight touchdowns in 2016. So, in addition to a nasty one-two punch at receiver, the Bucs can really get creative with Howard and Brate, too.

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Wynn Everett of ‘It Just Means More’ fame is an Auburn graduate

When the Southeastern Conference says it just means more, it means it. So much so that the actress the league hired to star in the commercial most synonymous with the slogan is actually an Auburn graduate.

Despite the casting call taking place in Los Angeles, the SEC still managed to pick out the sole conference graduate among the finalists for the job. Her name is Wynn Everett and despite being from Atlanta and being raised in a Bulldog house, her heart belongs to the Tigers according to Jeff Shearer of

“We laugh so hard, because my family are such die-hard SEC sports fans that this is a thousand times better than any other acting job I could ever have,” Everett said. “I could be working with Al Pacino and they could care less, unless he graduated from an SEC school.”

Everett knew she was the right person for the job when she was challenged to think of what the SEC meant to her during her casting session. Thinking back to that moment, Everett recalls the emotions running through her leading up to the audition.

“I really started to get quite emotional,” Wynn says. “Recalling the memories and the friendships. And I said, `The SEC is all about the people. The bond between all the SEC schools even though there is rivalry. It’s still a family.’”

Her emotion likely proved to be the difference between herself and the others, as only she could understand and evoke the passion and love she had based on her past experiences with the conference.

“They thought, `This is someone who can represent authentically the relationships and the people who make up the SEC, and the love that we all have for each other,’” Everett said. “It’s even hard for me now. You just get immediately choked up, especially when you’ve been away for as long as I have.”

Everett graduated from Auburn in 2000 and now uses the help of Auburn’s mascot to teach her children their numbers by using the “Counting with Aubie” book with them. If you somehow missed her most recognizable work, here is the ‘It Just Means More’ commercial:

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